Masonic Organizations

Traverse City Masonic Lodge No.222

WM: Michael Finazzo 260-207-1953

Secretary: Harry Rodgers 231-929-1582

Benzie Area Lodge No.444

WM: Doug Haines 231-269-3112

East Bay Masonic Lodge No.264

WM: Steven P. Wheelock

Empire Masonic Lodge No.597

WM: Jamie Schichtel

Elk Rapids Lodge No.275

WM: Dave Kopkau

Secretary: Bill Murphy 2321-564-0487

Order of Eastern Star: Traverse Bay Area Chapter #147

Chapter Secretary: Doris Norton 231-313-4691

Order of Eastern Star: Sherman Chapter No.197

Secretary: Linda Hamilton 231-775-2617

Commandery KT 41

Recorder: Peter Hunt 231-276-6078

Royal Arch

Secretary: Peter Hunt 231-276-6078

Scottish Rite Valley of Traverse City

Secretary: John Sees 231-715-6948

Saladin Shrine

John Klump: 231-944-3300

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